Guwahati airport

Sindhu Menon

Dear Ranjitha,

On behalf of my family and myself, I heartily thank you for a very well-planned and wonderful trip to North East India, especially to a place which is still less travelled due to the challenges its relief features can pose. The detailed itinerary itself speaks of the efforts you and your travel partners have taken for us, keeping in view that we were travelling on our own and not with a group. Having a car and a driver to ourselves all through the ten days was a delight, so we could journey through the places and take breaks at our convenience.

During the entire trip, the hotels and the rooms were well-chosen, excellent room service, yummy food and smiling courteous staff.

The mountains always allure me. And a visit to North East, was on my bucket list since couple of years. Thanks to Springbok Holidays who made this trip so comfortable for my family, with quicker checkin/checkouts, car service and well informed itinerary.

Sindhu Menon